Free Pass – Request

“FREE PASS” is one more innovation of the Deputy Mayoralty of Tourism of the Municipality of Chersonissos. It is a “passport” addressed to opinion makers such as bloggers, journalists and tour operators. “FREE PASS” provides free access to a variety of businesses in the area that compose and offer unique experiences for tourists – visitors.

Those participating to “FREE PASS” offer free access to thematic experiences, promotional materials, guided tours and / or interviews with a business executive. More specifically, depending on the type of services provided, free admission (e.g. Museum), participation in an activity (e.g. alternative tourism businesses), transportation to the area, accommodation, alimentation etc. are offered. By having the experience of the tourist-visitor services, accurate and reliable material is produced in order to promote the businesses of the Municipality of Chersonissos that have chosen to participate in “FREE PASS”.

Businesses participating in Free Pass are:

Acqua Plus
Argirakio Ethnological War Museum
Arion Stables
Coral Diving Center
CretAquarium Thalassokosmos
Crete Golf Club
Dinosauria Park
Diver’s Club Crete
Exploring Club Crete
Fantasia Yachting
Go Xplore Tours
Happy Train Malia
Labyrinth Theme Park
Lychnostatis Museum
Menelaos Parlamas Museum
Odysseia Stables
Riding Academy of Heraklion
Safari Club
Train Tour
Water City

If you are interested in receiving “FREE PASS”, fill in the relevant form and the Tourist Office of the Municipality of Chersonissos will contact you.