The 1st cultural e-bike experience in Crete

A storytelling experience

"Follow me to feed the chickens at Soulouksina's", the grandmother used to say.
"But who is Soulouksina, grandma?".
And thus, the story begins...

With our bikes, we follow the footsteps of a young woman and a shepherd who lived a century ago in this beautiful village of Pediada valley. Through unknown stories, we travel back in time and learn the wise agricultural and social practices the old Cretans used while living in harmony with the environment.

We meet the kind and smiling villagers, wander through picturesque alleys and enjoy authentic daily routines. During our afternoon Soulouksina route we visit old churches, a monastery and nearby villages calming body and mind amid uphills and downhills of the Cretan landscape. We end up in a traditional “kafeneio” where we all together prepare a light meal before sunset.

Your local guide

Manolis is a passionate cyclist.
He loves cycling on Crete Island, discovering unknown routes and climbing more meters every time.
He learned to ride his bike on the narrow streets of his village, Episkopi, when he was a child spending summers and holidays with his grandmother and aunts. Daily interactions with neighbours and villagers taught him the value of slow living in full harmony with the earth and nature.
The love for rural life influenced his career path: he is an economist who studied in Rome (Italy) where he encountered a different culture that broadened his mediterranean way of thinking. He holds a master's degree in agri-food logistics from the University of Parma and is a certified agricultural consultant and internal auditor.
Today, he embraces a green way of living in the city of Heraklion with his family, and returns to his village everytime he wants to cycle in peaceful surroundings.
In full harmony with the earth and nature.
And in all the places he spent his childhood.
His mission is to share untold stories of the destination you have chosen. To guide you through the rewarding fatigue of cycling in order to follow the pace of old Cretan culture.
With your local guide, you ‘ll meet the people of the village and their kind soul, and all together you will taste the unique flavors of the Cretan cuisine.
Manolis offers you the "filema".
You may not easily find this word in dictionaries, but you will discover its meaning by following Soulouksina!

Should you need additional information please visit the Soulouksina’ s site or their Facebook page.