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Stalida is a seaside settlement 30km east of Heraklion and is located between Hersonissos and Malia at a short distance to both of them. It is the newest settlement in the area and was developed and set up due to tourism. From a small village created by the inhabitants of Mochos, Stalida is, nowadays, a popular tourist resort.

During the first decades of the last century, there were some storehouses belonged to merchants from Mochos in the area and Stalida was also used as a harbor for the export of the products produced in the wide region and Lasithi. Stalida was referred to as Stalis with 23 inhabitants for the first time in the census of 1940 in the community of Mochos. The name “Stalis” is an ancient Greek place name and comes from the verb “stalizo” (i. e. rest under a shade) as at this place, the stockbreeders from the surrounding areas let their sheep and goats get rested.

Unlike the adjacent settlements of Hersonissos and Malia with their lively nightlife, Stalida is a quieter place comparing to them and is offered for family holidays. Visitors can enjoy unique moments of fun and relaxation in Stalida beach whose reference point is the 5km long coastal road where shops, restaurants and bars are located. Next to the coastal road, there is a 2km long sandy beach with clear, crystal and shallow waters extending to the east. The beach is well organized and its waters are gradually deepening, which is ideal for young children. There are lifeguards too and there are many options for water sport enthusiasts. The beach consists of two sections which are separated by rocks while in a part of the beach, there is a palm grove. Around the middle of the beach, there is the Byzantine church of Agios Ioannis, built in the rocks in 1600.

For those who love hiking, a 5km long trail starts from Stalida and leads to Mochos. This path called Bulgarian Path as it was created by Bulgarian prisoners during the Second World War.

On 12th of August every year, the famous and important event “Chorodion” is organized in the courtyard of the church of Agios Ioannis, where visitors will have the chance to see and admire the traditional Cretan costumes, Cretan dances, Cretan music and food preparation while the entrance is free.



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