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Potamies village GouverniotissaPotamies village is an authentic Cretan village in the Municipality of Chersonissos, at an altitude of 170m. Potamies is one of the first villages in the hinterland of the Municipality of Chersonissos, on the road towards Lassithi Plateau and is located 10 km from the Chersonissos Port village. Specifically, it is located on the right bank of the river of Aposelemis, which flows through Lagada between olive groves and the wild vegetation of the river from which has been named after the village. The main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture, while a significant percentage of mainly young people are employed in tourist sector in the areas of Chersonissos and Malia.

Potamies is a verdant village with a natural beautiful landscape. It is surrounded by verdant hills with olive groves, oleanders, cypresses, quince trees, mulberry trees, lemon trees, orange trees and plane trees. The visitor will feel tranquil in this landscape. The wider area is defined as an area of forest vegetation, rich fauna and rare birdlife. The biggest part of this place constitutes the Proposed Area of Community Interest “Dikti” and the Area of Community Protection “Dikti” of the Natura Network 2000.

The route to Potamies village is pleasant and quite interesting as a clear picture of the tourist development in this landscape is offered. Large areas of this landscape have been utilized for the operation of a golf club as well as of a water park.

The village has many traditional cafes, in comparison with its size, where the visitor can taste the authentic Cretan cuisine under the shade of the huge mulberry trees. The inhabitants are hospitable and thus they preserve the unique Cretan hospitality.

The village is full of life mainly during the first 15 days of August. The Cultural Association organizes various events each year such as theatrical performances, concerts and local celebrations in order to preserve traditional elements. Local people and visitors have the opportunity to get to know some basic elements of the tradition and the history of the village. The cultural events take place mostly in the well-formed area outside the monastery of Panagia Gouverniotissa. The monastery is located before reaching Potamies village. It is built on a verdant hill and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The one-room church of the Transfiguration of the Savior or “Afentis Christos” is located just a few meters away from the main road, on the old road leading to the monastery of Panagia Gouverniotissa and is built in the 15th century having rare frescoes on its walls. The temple celebrates on 6th of August.

At the location “Xerokamares”, the imposing remains of the ancient Aqueduct of the area are distinguished. It’s an important work, considering its usability of that time and due to the archaeological findings, it has been revealed that the ancient city of Chersonissos was entirely irrigated by this aqueduct.

One more attraction of the area is the Aposelemis dam, which is located 500 meters away from Potamies settlement. It is the largest artificial lake on the island, where birds of various species have been sheltered by turning the area into an important wetland.