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Homo SapiensThe museum-theme park Homo Sapiens is located at the 45th kilometer on the road of Heraklion – Lassithi Plateau and its founders are Manolis and Giorgos Petrakis. Homo Sapiens is a totally original museum in which the course and the evolution of human being since the times living in the caves until today unfolds. The fact that literally from scratch, and by having his mind as the only resource, the human being managed to become the dominant being of nature, is something that reveals the greatness of human spirit. This greatness is depicted in the Homo Sapiens museum.

The visitor is transported tens of thousands year ago, back to the period of caves and then experiences the man’s agonizing effort to get out of the caves by making huts with every material he could find around him. Next, he experiences the Paleolithic Era (Stone Age) where the dominant material was stone, either used as a weapon or as a tool, and Neolithic Age where human processed the stone and made ceramics. Lastly, the visitor experiences the Metal Age.

In addition, there is also a wonderful presentation of wheat including all the phases from the process of sowing to the final stage of baked bread in the oven. All these are processed in a primitive way which had been going on for thousands of years. Afterwards, the visitor can see the evolution of the wheel which is one of the greatest inventions.

Moreover, Pantheon, the twelve-side temple of the gods of Olympus with an altar at its center and Zeus in a dominant position accompanied by the other Gods around him-reminding of a divine council- Is also hosted in the museum as a miniature.

All in all, the exhibits of the museum cover the period from 8,000 BC to 2,200 BC and in this way all the periods of human’s evolution are captured in an amazing effort to get to know the versatile and highly inventive thinking of human being and mainly the efforts he made in order to survive.

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