Agia Paraskevi (St. Paraskevi) – Agios Panteleimon (St. Panteleimon) Verified

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A two-nave, barrel vaulted church, dedicated to St. Paraskevi and St. Panteleimon. It is located on the eastern side of Krasi village, within idyllic scenery full of olive trees, oak trees, hollies and cypresses. The entire church is covered by the branches of an enormous oak tree, which, in summer, cools the pilgrims that come to worship the venerated saints on the 26th and 27th July.
It is possible that the nave of St. Paraskevi pre-existed and the south one that belongs to St. Panteleimon was built sometime later. The two naves are connected to each other with two pointed openings in the central church and a lower one in the sanctuary. The iconostasis is contemporary and unique for each nave, while it is decorated with the icons of Vrefokratoussa (Infant-Holder), the Finding of the Holy Cross (1881), St. Paraskevi (1871), St. Constantine and St. Helen, Zoodochos Pigi (Life-giving Spring) (1886), Pantocrator (Almighty) (1871) and St. Panteleimon (1872). There is an entrance to the church on the western side of the south nave, as well as on the north wall of the north nave.

Architecture: two-nave, barrel vaulted
Dating: 19th century
Location: Krasi village– St. Paraskevi
Celebration: 26th and 27th July
Hagiography: NO
Access: Easy
Visit Options: Closed. Visitors should call 28970 - 51808

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  • Travel activities RELIGION
  • Location Malia Region / Krasi
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