Agios Georgios (St. George) Sarantaris – Agios Nicolaos (St. Nicolas) Verified

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Sarantaris churchThis is a two-nave church, whose north nave is dedicated to St. George and the south one to St. Nicolas. The two naves are connected to each other with an arched opening. The church is stone built and its west part is rock-hewn. Towards the west wall, under the pew, there was a tomb of unknown origin. On the east side, in the sanctuary, there are two semi-circular alcoves, while the two sanctuaries are connected through a low opening. On the exterior and on the north wall, there is a rain water reservoir (sarnitsi). The ground in the yard is rocky and it is said that there was an ancient quarry right at this point.

North, on an isle that is very close to the cape, we see the small chapel of Agios Antonios (St. Anthony). If you take a good look, you can see remains of the chapel on the isle. According to tradition, the pilgrims used to come to the chapel on their knees, following the mountain ridge that can be seen across the sea. It is also known, thanks to some Venetian records, that near the chapel of St. Anthony there was a monastery called Agios Georgios Akrolinadiotis.

Northeast of Cape “Tigani”, next to this church, there is a large ancient quarry which ran at least two different periods of time – during Minoan and Venetian ones.

Architecture: two-nave barrel vaulted
Dating: Venetian Rule
Location: Anissaras village – Knossos Royal Hotel
Celebration: 23rd April – 6th December
Hagiography: -
Access: Easy access from a country road, while later on the pilgrims cross a paved road through Knossos Hotel
Visit Options: Closed. Visitors should contact the priest John Tzevabina, tel. number 28970- 21822 or 28970 - 27400