Agios Georgios (St. George) – Annunciation Verified

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Agios Georgios GoniesThis is a two-nave, barrel vaulted church, which is an extension to an older one. The original single-nave, barrel vaulted church was of a smaller structure; it was located on the west side of the north nave and was dedicated to St. George. It is thought to have been built in the 1840s. In 1889, the church was extended to the east, while an ancillary room that is based on both naves was also built, on the south of the original structure.

In the north nave, which is dedicated to St. George, there is a wooden, gold-plated iconostasis, decorated with the icons of Vrefokratoussa (Infant Holder) (1890), Pantocrator (Almighty) (1913), St. George, St. Titus, St. Nicolas and St. Catherine. On the upper part, there are icons depicting scenes from the Twelve Great Feasts (Greek: Dodekaorto). In the south nave, dedicated to the Annunciation, the iconostasis is not only wooden, but also hand-painted. It is decorated with the icons of St. John the Baptist (1913), the Assumption of Mary (1870), the Holy Trinity (1873), the Annunciation and St. George (1873), St. Spyridon, Agioi Deka (Ten Saints), St. Constantine and Helen, St. Athanasius, while on the upper part the icons portray scenes from the Twelve Great Feasts. The two naves are connected to each other with two arched openings.

In the 1990s the quadrants in the alcoves were icon-painted. Thus, on the quadrant of the north nave, there is Pantocrator (Almighty) depicted and on the quadrant of the south nave, the Vrefokratoussa (Infant Holder) with the two Archangels. Outside, on the north wall of the north nave, there is a bell tower, which was built at the same time as the rest of the church.

Architecture: two-nave barrel vaulted
Dating: original church 1840, contemporary church 1889
Location: Gonies (Central square of village, St. George Square)
Celebration: Moveable feast (St. George) – 25th March (Annunciation)
Hagiography: YES
Access: Easy
Visit Options: Closed. Visitors should contact the priest George Yiakoumakis, tel. number 6932372628 or 28970- 51140

No street view available at Google maps.