Agios Kirikos and Agia Ioulita (St. Kirikos and St. Ioulita) Verified

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A single-nave, barrel vaulted church, built on a hill with a breathtaking view. It is a building of 1860; the consecration, though, was held in 1891, a date that is inscribed on the lintel of the entrance. The church was built there, as this spot is where the icon of St. Kirikos was found, according to tradition. Inside, there is a woodcut iconostasis, decorated with the icons of Vrefokratoussa (Infant Holder), Pantocrator (Almighty), St. Ioulita and St. Kirikos. The older icons of the church have been transferred to the church of Archangel Michael. On the quadrant of the apse in the sanctuary, there is the image of Platytera (Wider than the Heavens) (2007).

Architecture: single-nave barrel vaulted
Dating: 1860
Location: Koxari village – on a hill, southeast, close to the village
Celebration: 15th July
Hagiography: YES
Access: Easy
Visit Options: Open

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