Agios Konstantinos and Agia Eleni (St. Constantine and St. Helen) Verified

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A small single-nave, barrel vaulted church with two entrances: one on the south and one on the west side. The church is made of stone and it was built with rocks, which, according to tradition, “rolled down” the mountain during a downpour. Inside the church there is a wooden iconostasis, decorated with the icons of “Vrefokratoussa” (Infant Holder) ((1912), "Pantocrator” (Almighty) (1912), as well as St. Constantine and St. Helen (1969) on the upper side, while the lower side is adorned with relief crosses. We can also see a stone supporting arc on the arch of the main church. Outside, over the west entrance, there is a depiction of St. Constantine and St. Helen on a modern mosaic, while on a lower level, “Virgin Mary Praying”. The beautiful yard has been decorated with stone fencing and is full with tamarisks.

Architecture: Single-nave barrel vaulted
Dating: 1910
Location: St. Constantine - Gouves beach
Celebration: 21st May
Hagiography: NO
Access: Easy
Visit Options: Open