Agia Paraskevi – Agios Panteleimonas (St. Paraskevi – St. Panteleimon) Verified

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It is a three-nave church which used to be a rectory manor of a monastery. One of the naves is traverse and another one is ancillary. The most ancient part of this church is the south nave, which dates back to the late 12th or the early 13th century. In this nave, two large blind arches on the exterior are eye-catching. During the 13th century, the church was restored and fully painted. The quadrant of the apse is decorated with Madonna Nicopeia, while on the alcove there are four full-size, frontal Hierarchs. The frieze of the east wall is decorated with the “Holy Shroud”, on a lower level with the “Annunciation” and on the bottom zone with two full-size frontal Saints. On the arch of the sanctuary, there is the scene of the “Ascension of Jesus”.

In the main church, there are depictions of Evangelical Scenes, full-size frontal Saints and the Dedicator of the church praying.

In the 15th century, the church was extended to the west with the addition of a traverse, full-painted nave. The two naves are connected to each other with a big arched opening. This opening is decorated with Evangelical Scenes and also scenes from the Life of St. Paraskevi. On the east wall of this nave, there is a sanctuary with a double alcove and built-in altars. On the quadrant of the north apse, there is the depiction of Madonna Nicopeia and on the alcove the Co-Officiating Hierarchs, while on the quadrant of the south apse, the Pantocrator (Almighty). Inside, between the two naves, there is a water source (kavoussi). Later on, the restoration of the north nave, which is connected only to the south one, was substantiated.

Architecture: three-nave, one of which is traverse and another one ancillary
Dating: 12th and 15th century
Location: Galifa, southeast of the village, in Potamos or Agia Paraskevi area
Celebration: 26th and 27th July
Hagiography: YES
Access: Difficult access from a rural dirt road
Visit Options: Open

No street view available at Google maps.