Agios Minas – Kimisi Theotokou (St. Minas – The Assumption of Mary) Verified

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A two-nave, barrel vaulted church that was built in 1882 – 1884. The north nave is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and the south one to St. Minas. A rescue archaeological excavation, which took place in 1998 – 1999 on the floor, revealed that the church was built on the ruins of an older church of the 12th – 15th century, which had replaced a temple of the 7th century.

The church that belonged to the 12th -15th century was dedicated to Our Lady of Bethlehem. Some of its parts are visible from the floor of the current church. Inside, there are 6 supporting arcs with finials. The two naves are connected with each other with three big arched openings, which are supported by four pillars. The grandeur of the church is enriched with the iconostasis of 1900, made of Pentelic marble and decorated with the icons of the Assumption of Mary (1922), Christ as the Great Priest (1922), Agioi Deka (Ten Saints) (1922), St. Minas (1909), Vrefokratoussa (Infant Holder) (1908), Pantocrator (Almighty) (1909) and St. John the Baptist (1909). The realism of the artist and the dark shades are distinctive features of all the icons. This is not the original iconostasis. The first one was wooden and got destroyed, along with the icons, due to a fire in 1889.

The bell tower is 3-arched and is a replica of the older one. On the north and south walls there are six vertical braces that, along with the west side, follow the rules of the neoclassical architecture of the 19th century.

Architecture: two-nave barrel vaulted
Dating: 1882 – 1884
Location: Episkopi – in the center of the village, next to Meidani Square
Celebration: 11th November, 15th August
Hagiography: NO
Access: Easy
Visit Options: Open