Eisodia Theotokou (Presentation of Virgin Mary) Verified

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Eisodia PiskopianoThis is a small single-nave, barrel vaulted church. The icons on the iconostasis were painted in 1863, while the hagiography works in 1996. The iconostasis is woodcut, with gold encrusted leaves. The marble that is found in the sanctuary has been of previous use and has probably been acquired from the Early Christian Basilica of Piscopiano, which has not been excavated so far.

On the exterior of the south wall, there is another wall that belongs to a small barrel vaulted chapel, dated back to the Venetian Rule era, with remnants of frescoes. We can identify a full-size Panagia Vrefokratoussa (Infant Bearer), two full-size Saints, and another Saint that is depicted under the supporting arc. On the east side of the church, there are also two buildings from the 19th century that have been renovated and today they are used as the priest’s office and as a guesthouse.

Architecture: Single-nave barrel vaulted
Dating: around 1860
Location: Piscopiano – in the village
Celebration: 21st November
Hagiography: YES
Access : Easy access
Visit Options: Closed. Visitors should contact the priest George Kokkiadis, tel. number 6932888779 or 28970 - 23340