Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos (St. John Chrysostom) Verified

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It is a small stone built, single-nave, barrel vaulted church, which dates back to the time of the Venetian Rule. In 1999, the mural works in the church started and in 2012, some maintenance works were carried out. On the quadrant of the apse, Virgin Mary is depicted as Platytera (Wider than the Heavens), on the zone below the Co-officiating Hierarchs and on the triumphal arch the Above Prophets. On the arch of the main nave the images of the “Entry into Jerusalem”, the “Crucifixion”, the “Transfiguration”, the “Baptism”, the “Birth of Jesus”, the “Annunciation”, the “Ascension of Jesus” and the “Resurrection” are depicted. Under these images there are medallions with Cretan Saints. On the north wall of the church, there is a posterior opening, while the main entrance, on the west, is adorned with a stone Venetian aedicule.

Architecture: Single-nave, barrel vaulted
Dating : Venetian Rule
Location: Stalida – in the village
Celebration: 13th November & 27th January
Hagiography: YES
Access : Easy
Visit Options: Open

No street view available at Google maps.