Boarding School Verified

The Boarding School is located between Episkopi and Sgourokefali villages, southest of the Prefecture of Heraklion, in the quadrangle of the temple of Afentis Christos. The small one-room church functioned as the temple of a small monastery which belonged to the Monastery of Agarathos.

This place was known as the School of Christ. In 1882, works began in order this place to be formed and operated as a Greek School (a school attended by pupils after the Primary School). Its function began in 1885 and the head of the school during that period (1885-1889) was Titos Zografidis, one of the most remarkable and important hierarchs of the time who always aimed at things that were beneficial from spiritual, social and national point of view for the place and the people in it. Thus, the school soon gained a high reputation throughout the Province of Pediada.

During the Slaughter of Anopolis village(1896) by the Ottomans, the Boarding School suffered minor damage but it was repaired and continued operating until 1906, when the Cretan State decided to close it due to the lack of students.

Today, only the northern and southern walls of the boarding school are preserved while the rest buildings were demolished to form the park that nowadays is found there. In the courtyard of the existing temple, there is a monument dedicated to the leader of the Province of Pediada, Antonios Tryfitsos. He was the leader during the last revolutions against the Ottomans and was killed along with his soldiers in the battle of Episkopi village on 25th of June in 1897.

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