Aquaworld Aquarium and Reptile Rescue Centre Verified

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AquaworldThe Aquaworld Aquarium and Reptile Rescue Center is located on the western side of Chersonissos Port village, 30 kilometers east of Heraklion and it is one of the most favourite tourists’ attractions. It has been operating since 1995 and was founded by Scot John McLaren. The aquarium was built because of the founder’s love for fish and aquariums and it gradually expanded with the help being provided by people.

The majority of fish and reptiles housed in the aquarium are not bought but they are animals which were in captivity or pets being abandoned which, now, have found a hospitable place and environment to live. Fish in aquariums are fish found in the seas of Crete and animals –snakes, lizards and turtles- found in the Cretan countryside.

The philosophy of Aquaworld is simple enough. According to its founder, people come closer to animals and in this way, the human’s interest in marine life, reptiles and their natural habitats will be increased. Through knowledge and encouragement, people will take care of animals making them aware of the environment that animals live in.

In the past, Aquaworld had hosted an injured caretta caretta, which was sent to the special care service and then returned back to the sea. It was not remained as an exhibit in the aquarium since Aquaworld’s philosophy is that wildlife must be protected and thus caretta caretta is more useful for the perpetuation of species into the sea.

Should you need additional information, please visit the Aquaworld’s web site.

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