Genesio tis Theotokou (Nativity of Mary) Verified

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It is a large single-nave church that was restored in 1901. The first dating of the original church is not known, but there is an inscription with the date of the restoration on the west wall of the church, under the two-arched window (that is, a bit lower than the bell tower). The iconostasis is woodcut and made with parts of the iconostasis from the church of Sotiros (Savior), which was in Valide Tzami, in Kornarou Square, Heraklion. The iconostasis is decorated with the icons of Panagia Glykofiloussa (Virgin Mary of the sweet kiss), the Holy Trinity and the Nativity of Mary. On the arch, there are two supporting arcs with finials. On the quadrant of the apse, there is the depiction of Platytera (Wider than the Heavens) and, on the alcove, the Co-Officiating Hierarchs. Outside, over the west entrance of the church, on the relieving arch, there is a modern mosaic, illustrating Virgin Mary Praying.

Architecture: single-nave barrel vaulted
Dating: restored in 1901
Location: Elia village
Celebration: 8th September
Hagiography: NO
Access: Easy
Visit Options: Open

  • Travel activities RELIGION
  • Location Gouves Region / Elia
  • Listing categories RELIGION