Agios Konstantinos (St. Constantine) Verified

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Agios Konstantinos AvdouAgios Konstantinos (St. Constantine) is a single-nave, barrel vaulted church, which is decorated with indoor murals by the icon painters Manouil and Ioannis Fokas, brothers from Constantinople (today’s Istanbul).

Inside, next to the entrance of the church, there is an inscription by the owner, with reference to 1445, where the Byzantine Emperor Ioannis Palaiologos the 8th (John Viii Palaiologos) is mentioned 1(1425-1448). The quadrant of the arch depicts the Pantocrator (Almighty), while, lower down, the Co-Officiating Hierarchs. On the east frieze there is the “Hospitality of Abraham” and the “Annunciation”. The sanctuary arch is occupied by scenes from the “Ascension of Jesus”, the “Pentecost” and the “Presentation of Virgin Mary”.

On the main church arch there are Evangelical scenes, such as the “Candlemas”, the “Descent into Hades”, the “Crucifixion”, the “Transfiguration” and “Jesus healing the blind”, while, on a lower level, there are scenes from St. Constantine’s life. On the north and south walls, we see full-size, frontal Saints. On the west wall, there is a depiction of the “Assumption of Mary”, as well as scenes from the “Last Judgement”.

The remaining inscription mentions:
+ The divine and venerable church of the Holy Kings Constantine and Helen, crowned by the God, equal to Apostles, was renovated and repainted, with the assistance, expense, effort and toil of our pious priest …. Manouil (;) … his daughter Maria, during the reign of Ioannis Palaiologos
….. s) NA Sept (ember) b’., αυμς (illegible part of the inscription)
By hand of the sinners and unworthy Manouil and Ioannis, from the Fokas family, pray to our Lord for us amen, amen.

Architecture: single-nave barrel vaulted
Dating : 1445
Location: Avdou village close to Aposelemis dam
Celebration: May 21st
Hagiography: YES
Access : Easy access from a country road
Visit Options: Open

No street view available at Google maps.