Agia Anastasia (St. Anastasia) Verified

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The church of Agia Anastasia is a rock-hewn cave of unknown dating. Inside, there is a steep slope, due to the rock; that’s why they made a small staircase, which separates the church into two levels. There is a modern concrete screen, decorated with the icons of Vrefokratoussa (Infant Holder), Pantocrator (Almighty) and St. Anastasia the Pharmakolytria (the Deliverer from Potions). Even though the church is carved in the rock, we can see a rock-hewn alcove in the sanctuary.

During the German Occupation, the church served as a refuge to the locals. There, according to tradition, was the place where the icon of the Saint was found by a shepherd and where it was later decided to have the church curved into the rock. The area was familiar to the locals, as the women used to gather there to do their laundry, using the four wells of the place. On the rock, there is a bell tower, which was constructed in 1960. The outdoor yard is landscaped and full of cypresses, pine trees, olive trees and roses.

Architecture: rock-hewn cave church
Dating: -
Location: Kenourgio Chorio – St. Anastasia’s Gorge
Celebration: 22nd December
Hagiography: NO
Access: Easy
Visit Options: Open