Monastery of Panagia Theogennitoros (God’s Mother) Verified

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It is a newly-established nuns’ monastery, which is situated in a majestic location, overlooking Malia. The 3-nave Basilica is the main church of the monastery. The central nave is dedicated to Virgin Mary, the south one to St. Mammes of Caesarea and the north one to St. Demetrius. Today, there are about 25 hospitable nuns that live in the monastery.

A few meters after the entrance of the church, there is the Archontariki (Guest House) and underneath, the icon-painting workshop, the linen room and the workshop, where mosaic and various exhibits are made. Opposite the Archontariki, there is the exhibition room and above that, the library, the calligraphy room and the clerical tailor workshop. Next to the various workshops and above them, there are the nuns’ cells. The warehouse and the refectory are in the east, while the Catholicon (the main church) is in the middle of the monastery.

The 3-nave, with an inner narthex, church is partly frescoed, while the icons on the iconostasis are monks’ creations. The iconostasis itself is wooden and uniform and is adorned with icons of St. John the Chrysostom, St. Mammes of Caesarea, the Mass, the Synaxis of Virgin Mary, the Pantocrator (Almighty), St. John the Baptist, St. Demetrius and St. John the Theologian. Frescoes are discernible both in the sanctuary and on the western wall of the church. The three naves are connected to each other with four arched openings, which are based on three cement columns. On the joint of these openings, there are images of the “Four Evangelists” and “Nicodemus”, while the intrados (soffit) of the arcs present full-length, frontal images of Saints.

The quadrant of the alcove in the central nave depicts Mary and Jesus praying, while at the same time they are framed up by Angels. Inside the alcove, there are zones depicting the “Mass”, the “Apostles” and the “Co-officiating Hierarchs”. On the eastern wall frieze, there is the depiction of the “Holy Shroud”, surrounded by Seraphs and Cherubs. The quadrant of the alcove in the sanctuary depicts Jesus surrounded by Angels, while inside the alcove there are “Jesus Enthroned”, “Descent from the Cross” and the “Birth of Jesus”. On the arch, there are images of the “2nd and 3rd Ecumenical Councils” and above the small opening that connects the sanctuary with the central nave sanctuary there is the “Council of Nicaea”. On the quadrant of the sanctuary in the south nave, the “Ancient of the Days” is portrayed and, inside the alcove, “Jacob’s Ladder”, “Joseph’s Dream”, “Joseph with his sister”, “Abel and Cain” and the “Burning Bush”. The arch of this nave depicts the “7th and 8th Ecumenical Council”, the south wall “Virgin Mary’s wisdom” and above the opening that connects the two sanctuaries, there is the depiction of the “6th Ecumenical Council”. As aforementioned, there are also frescoes on the western wall, where, in the central nave, the “Assumption of Mary” is represented, surrounded by Apostles, while on the upper part of the same scene there are Angels around a three-arched window. On the north nave, there is the “Presentation of Virgin Mary” and on the south one the “Birth of Virgin Mary”.

Architecture: three-nave Basilica
Dating: 2006 AD.
Location: Mochos (North and outside the village)
Celebration: 26th December, 23rd August, 2nd September, 26th October
Hagiography: YES
Access: Easy
Visit Options:
Monday and Tuesday mornings 10:00 - 12:00
Thursday and Friday afternoons 16:00 to the end of the Mass
Saturday and Wednesday closed
Sunday open all day long

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