Michail Archangelos (Archangel Michael) Verified

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A single-nave, barrel vaulted church, which used to be a cemetery in the past. This conclusion was reached not only due to the tombs that were found in its yard, but also because of the iconography of the church, as it particularly emphasizes on the Passion Cycle.

On the frieze of the east wall, there are depictions of the “Hospitality of Abraham”, the “Annunciation” and, a bit lower, St. Polycarp.

On the arch of the main church, there are the scenes of the “Birth of Jesus”, the “Candlemas”, “Jesus healing the blind”, the “Crucifixion”, the “Epitaphios Lament”, as well as scenes from the Miracles of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Eminent are also two supporting arcs, on the intrados of which there are full-size, frontal, parapet Saints. On the south wall, the iconography is divided into zones. More specifically, on the upper zone there are the depictions of Christ Reclining, Simeon the Theodochos (Godreceiver), St. Anna and Virgin Mary, but also two scenes from the illustration of the “Last Judgement”. On the lower zone there are five full-size, frontal Saints. Among them, there is also Archangel Michael with a high-relief golden halo. On the upper zone of the north wall, noteworthy is the portrait of Archangel Gabriel, wearing also a high-relief golden halo, presenting himself to Joshua and the “Assumption of Mary”. On the west wall, there are only fragments from the once awe-inspiring scene of the “Judgement Day”.

The iconostasis is wooden and relatively contemporary (1940) and it is decorated with the icons of Vrefokratoussa (Infant Holder) (1964), Pantocrator (Almighty) (1969) and Archangel Michael (1958).

Architecture: single-nave barrel vaulted
Dating: 14th century
Location: Episkopi village – opposite the Town Hall and the KEP - Greek word for CSC (Citizens’ Service Center)
Celebration: 8th November
Hagiography: YES
Access: Easy access
Visit Options: Closed. Visitors should contact the priest Paul Kaloutsakis, tel. number 2810 – 771405