Agios Antonios (St. Anthony) Verified

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Agios Antonios AvdouThis is a small single-nave, barrel vaulted church with especially remarkable murals, which date back to the mid- or to the third quarter of the 14th century.

On the quadrant of the apse, Virgin Mary is illustrated among Angels, while on the alcove the Co-officiating Hierarchs. On the frieze of the east wall there is the “Hospitality of Abraham” and on the lower level, the “Annunciation”.

On the arch of the sanctuary and the main church, there are depictions of the “Ascension of Jesus”, the “Birth of Jesus”, the “Baptism”, the “Candlemas”, the “Last Supper”, the “Washing of the Feet”, the “Crucifixion”, the “Epitaphios Lament”, the “Descent into Hades”, the “Myrrh-Bearing Women at the tomb of Christ” and the “Transfiguration”.

On the south wall, there are two full-size Saints, the “Embrace of Peter and Paul”, and on the north wall four full-size frontal Saints. It is the only case of bicolor wall painting (brown and blue) on Crete.
Architecture: single-nave barrel vaulted
Dating: 1440
Location: Avdou village – St. Anthony
Celebration: 17th January
Hagiography: YES
Access : Easy access
Visit Options: Open

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