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hub“New trails, new adventures, new memories”. By having this as a motto, the Hub-MTB Adventures invites everyone who wants to experience Crete in a different way, to join them and discover the real side of Crete on two wheels. Founded in 2014, the Hub tries to transmit the passion for outdoor activities, in an entertaining way, experiencing simultaneously the unique features of Crete Island.

There are many tours available in order to fulfill each one’s desires. First of all, there are XC tours available by touring at different places north or south of Crete, at many plateaus, at places where the Cretan landscape can excite and attract everyone, either being a nature lover or not. There are also assisted tours and single-day and multi-day tours.

All the above are available at different levels for everyone to choose-either easy or intermediate- and last from 2 to 6 hours. The tours are ideal owing to fact that they are predominantly on dirt roads and paths, being used by locals to reach their farms or fields. As these roads are not mapped, the Hub guarantees that it is a safe experience as they will provide direct assistance whenever is needed. They also provide the equipment one must have and as the Hub has got a range of Mountain bikes, they have them at one’s disposal either for tours or just for rent.

In addition, the Hub offers hiking and bird-watching tours. The exploration through the small and beautiful hiking trails will give everyone the opportunity to know the unique and unknown Cretan nature. The hikers will have the chance to see the trails, gorges and villages and to admire the Cretan picturesque landscape, feeling simultaneously the hospitality of Cretan people.

The Hub guarantees that this experience would be for a lifetime promoting a sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Should you need additional information please visit the "The Hub - MTB Adventures" site.

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